Friends Making A Difference Dinner

For information about our next dinner, Click on the link below:

Friends Making A Difference Dinner Information

Let us know if you will be attending

and if you will be bringing more friends

who want to make a difference!

Please RSVP to Tom Goodwin at

Contribution to

Friends Making A Difference

is a minimum of $10

payable by cash or check


Friends Making A Difference, Inc. is comprised of a group of friends who want to give back to our community and lend a helping hand to our neighbors in a time of need. Friends Making A Difference want individuals and families to know they are not alone and will "get by with a little help from their friends". Old and new friends will get together to connect over dinner once a month, enjoying each other's company and at the same time contributing a minimum of $10 to help someone who needs a little boost.When each person arrives for dinner they can nominate an individual, child, family, or local charity that may need a little support. If you canít turn to a friend when you need help, who can you turn to?

For more information, please contact:Thomas G. Goodwin, Founder & President

Donations can be mailed to:

Friends Making A Difference
4621 B Nottingham Way
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

Attn: Tom Goodwin

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